Celebrate a Sensual Valentine’s Day…

Now offering our limited edition Chocolate Truffle Box.

valentines day cake 1

Everyone loves chocolate on Valentine’s Day, right? We agree… and we’ve added our own special twist.

Treat your loved one with a set of 5 luxurious chocolate truffles contained in a beautifully decorated, fully edible chocolate cake box.

Each box is made of rich chocolate filled with scrumptious Swiss meringue buttercream and raspberry conserve, and finally decorated with beautiful fondant.

The truffles are of two varieties- a white chocolate and raspberry centred delight, and a decadent milk chocolate centred version. Both are generously coated in dark chocolate.

Tantalise your lover’s taste buds this February, and indulge yourselves in a beautiful shared moment.

Price £35 per box

Why not add a bouquet of flowers with your gift? Thanks to our friends at Add Style UK, a beautiful arrangement of your choice can be included- just call us to find out.

Order ASAP for the gift to be fresh for your beloved on the 14th!

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