I often think of a couple’s relationship as a beautiful work of art. Though there may be some basic foundations that inspire each one – such as trust and honesty – no two relationships are ever the same, they are each uniquely wonderful and crafted from love. Our luxury wedding cakes are equally bespoke in creation, and a delightful expression of your relationship. I like to think of them as the art of love.

The Vision

“It was honestly more than I could have hoped for and she really did make a vision come true.” Davinder

When you choose one of our bespoke wedding cakes, we create a design especially for you. We understand that you want something truly stunning and magical, that has been masterfully crafted from love – just like your relationship.
Though other elements of your day may be more focused on just one of you – your wedding cake is perhaps one of the perfect expressions of you both.


The tradition of ‘cutting the cake’ has ceremonially been the first official act of a newlywed couple for decades and, though I’m not suggesting you need to stick to tradition, I love when the cake is given such importance and significance in the wedding day.

Of course, we know you also want your cake to taste delicious which is why we offer you a bespoke tasting. We see this as not only a wonderful opportunity for you to taste the love we put into our cakes, but to get to know you a bit better.
Together we then create the vision for your wedding cake.

The Expression

Every cake starts off from the natural and raw ingredients, and then gets lovingly baked to your specifications. With a passion for patisserie we know good flavours when we taste them and apply this expertise to each of our wedding cakes. Once baked – the beauty then unfolds.

Often using tools you might see in an artist’s studio, such as paintbrushes and palette knives, we decorate your wedding cake with care and precision. To us it doesn’t matter if you have ordered a simple, single tiered design or a stunning, multi-tiered creation – we feel privileged to be a part of your special day and always take pride in our art.
From refined sugar flowers, to unique paint techniques, we carefully bring your vision to life.

“I was blown away by the sugar work on these cakes…” Rusty and Roses

The Feeling

We want you, and your guests, to be left with two memorable moments from your wedding cake experience. Firstly – the magical feeling of seeing the finished masterpiece, the art of love, for the first time; and secondly – the delightful sensation of tasting your carefully chosen cake flavour (perhaps even multiple flavours).

“The cake itself was stunningly beautiful with intricate detail. Furthermore, it tasted delicious!” Naomi

Choosing a luxury, bespoke wedding cake from MonAnnie means you present more than just flour and eggs – you present an expression of you as a couple. You create a focal point for your wedding breakfast or reception, and you serve your guests something exquisite.
Whether you choose to officially ‘cut the cake’ or not, in my eyes the wedding cake still symbolises the different aspects of your relationship being brought together in one beautiful union – to be enjoyed and celebrated with dear friends and family. It really is – the art of love.
Segun and I would love to hear your personal love story and see how we can make your cake vision come to life. If you would like us to create a work of art for your wedding, then get in touch.

Much Love,

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