MonAnnie is the lovechild of Fen and Segun

A married couple, a young family, the best of friends. Here’s their story…



Hi, I’m Fen, the hands of MonAnnie. I grew up in the beautiful city of Ibadan, Nigeria where I developed a taste for cooking and baking (thank you Mum and sister!). I moved to the UK in 2000, and in university pursued my first love, medicine. After getting my degree in 2007, I focused hard on my career in paediatrics, using baking as a relaxing outlet.

In 2013, I faced a really painful crisis in my life. Baking- my outlet – then transformed into life-affirming therapy. I devoted more time and effort to it, accruing thousands of hours in courses and baking. Requests for cakes started to come thick and fast.

In 2015, the therapy became a career. With the help of my best friend and life partner; Segun, MonAnnie was born.

I make cakes to represent the way I think life should be- beautiful, full of flavour, full of love, and memorable.

In 2016 my biggest cheerleader- my father- passed away, and MonAnnie is dedicated to his memory.



Hi I’m Segun. First and foremost I’m Fen’s husband. I’m also a son and an uncle. I’m sadly not independently wealthy (yet) so I work as an intensive care doctor sometimes. I also grew up in Nigeria, and moved to the UK in 1995.

I’ve been privileged to join Fen on this marvellous journey into the beautiful land of luxury desserts. Think of me as the “mouth” of MonAnnie Cakes- I talk about (and eat!) all the delightful things we make together. I also do sketches and some of the website and social media work.

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