MonAnnie is the lovechild of Fen and Segun

A married couple and the best of friends. Here’s their story…



Hi, I’m Fen, the hands of MonAnnie. A lover of delicious patisserie and considered design.
MonAnnie was born out of rekindled love for baking and an outpouring of creativity.

My heart sings watching seemingly ordinary ingredients transform into something amazing. I love to celebrate the amazing flavour of nature’s finest ingredients. It’s a joy to individually craft and manipulate petals to create life-like sugar flowers, and create movement and texture with different mediums. This is some of the the love in my heart that I share in some form with every commission.

I love to listen, connect with your wedding ideas and create something that works harmoniously with your wedding story both in design and flavour.

For me it is not just a cake or some patisserie, but an experience. A journey of the senses, a creation of lifelong memories.

Prior to this I had a career as a medical doctor specialising in paediatrics. This career has left me with a strong work ethic, professionalism, integrity and empathy.

When I’m not baking, I love to travel the world and try different cuisines. I love to write songs, crochet, redecorate rooms in my house and dance (when no one’s watching!)

I am excited to hear more about your wedding and create something special for you.



Hi I’m Segun. First and foremost I’m Fen’s husband. I’m also a son and an uncle. I’m sadly not independently wealthy (yet) so I work as an intensive care doctor sometimes. I also grew up in Nigeria, and moved to the UK in 1995.

I’ve been privileged to join Fen on this marvellous journey into the beautiful land of luxury desserts. Think of me as the “mouth” of MonAnnie Cakes- I talk about (and eat!) all the delightful things we make together. I also do sketches and some of the website and social media work.

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