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Your bespoke wedding cake

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January 29, 2020

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Hi there! Welcome to the MonAnnie blog, a journal about all things wedding cakes and patisserie. Stay a while and say hello!

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Your bespoke wedding cake


“Marriage is a mosaic you build with your spouse. Millions of tiny moments that create your love story”

 Jennifer Smith

A wedding is the beginning of something beautiful. The joining of two hearts, a celebration of love.

Your wedding is about you both and the experience you would like to share with you guests. Each element specially curated to tell a story.

Your wedding cake is one of those elements. It is an edible artistic creation for you and your guests to experience.

elegant pastel 4 tier wedding cake with sugar flowers by Monannie

Here are 5 things to consider when designing your wedding cake.

  • Your wedding story.

    Nothing is amazing in isolation, including your cake. What is your wedding story, what is your venue like? What atmosphere or feel would you like to create for your guests?  Think about aligning your cake design with these. Think beyond cakes you’ve seen, take inspiration from non-cake related elements. Work with your wedding cake designer to create something unique and special. Let them help you make  your cake a part of your wedding story.

  • Flavour.

    Your wedding cake flavours are also a part of the story. Take your time a choose them. They can be chosen based on a special memory for you both, flavours you absolutely love, or flavours that ignite a feeling. For example if you are having a beautiful winter wedding, something decadent and warming on the inside of the cake can make your guests think of cosy winter nights by the fire.

bespoke Strawberry and pink champagne cake by Monannie

  • Servings.

    How many guests would you like your cake to serve? Is the cake the main dessert or are you having a dessert table as well? All this will help decide the best size of cake for your wedding. If you are not having that many guests, and would like a larger cake, ask your wedding cake designer about incorporating some dummy tiers. Dummy tiers are polystyrene shapes that are iced in the same way as a real cake, so there will be no different in the outward appearance.

  • First impressions.

    What is the first thing you would like your guests to think when they see your cake? What words would you like them to use: Wow, showstopper, intricate, elegant, detailed, delicious?

3 tier bespoke square wedding cake with sugar flowers by Monannie

  • Sentimental element. Is there something special to you both that you would like incorporated into the design? It doesn’t have to be something huge or obvious. This would help make your wedding cake even more personal and bespoke.

Remember to enjoy your wedding planning process. Take your time to think about what you would like and choose the best person to bring your fine art wedding vision to life.

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Image credits.

Image 1

Photography:Hannah duffy photography http://hannah duffy photography

Flowers: Sarah Harper flowers

Styling: The Timeless Stylist

Image 2

Photography: Cristina Ilao photography http://cristina ilao photography

Image 3

Photography: Barker Evans

Image 4

Photography: Hannah Mcclune



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I'm Fen and I'm so happy you're here. This blog a journal about all things wedding cakes and Patisserie Stay a while and say hello!

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